Ebay Selling Agent

Are you looking for someone with a knowledge of Antiques to sell your items on Ebay? We now offer a service as an Ebay Selling Agent. We can sell your items on Ebay.

We have the expertise to utilise the Ebay marketplace to give the listings the best chance of receiving a good price.

We have an excellent customer base and ship our items across the world. We have a wide Antiques knowledge base and if need be will research items further to make sure they can get an an even better price.

We take care of the sales process from beginning to end. This includes; Initial Research, Professional Photographs, Professional descriptions and listings and Professionally Packing and Shipping the items. We also pay also Ebay and Paypal fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I charged?
You pay absolutely nothing upfront.  You are charged a percentage of commission from the sale after it is completed. 

How long does it take to receive our money?
Money is only sent after the sale is completed.  A sale is completed when the buyer has received the item, has decided to keep the item, and 14 days have passed.  We usually pay within 4 weeks of the buyer receiving the item when the sale has been completed.

I am interested in this service, what can I do?
The best way is to contact us via Email. Ideally provide a description of the items you would like us to sell along with photos to:


Alternatively fill in the following form.